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1. Sushi Mafia Premium
One reservation per day. At actual sushi restaurant. With Michelin trained chief sushi chef.

Toyosu tour with a chef trained at Michelin starred sushi restaurant and omakase course followed by private sushi making class at their restaurant.

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2. Sushi Mafia VIP
Premium selection package. At Sushi Mafia Lab, dedicated activity kitchen. With Michelin trained sushi chef.

Tokyo Tuna Auction VIP Tour: Pick up, Auction watching, Toyosu insider tour, Tuna tasting breakfast, Drop off / Tokyo Sushi VIP Workshop:Pick up, Toyosu insider tour, Tsukiji tour, Sushi making, Lunch / Tokyo Sushi VIP Tour: Pick up, Toyosu insider tour, Tsukiji tour, Lunch suggestion

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3. Sushi Mafia Tours
Basic and core services which consist our activities.

Tuna Auction / Sushi Making / Toyosu Tour (Please customize your own tour based on the basic core.)

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