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Toyosu Tour alone.

VENUE : Toyosu Tour at Toyosu fish market
CHARGE : 12,500 JPY~ / person
TIME : 7:00 am ~ 8:00 am (About 1.0 hours)

VALUE : Toyosu Tour alone

DETAIL : This is only Toyosu Tour at Toyosu Fish Market. Please kindly make your own tour by combining the various options below;

+ Tuna Auction: 16,000JPY~ / person About 1.0 hours
+ Sushi Making: 13,000JPY~ / person About 2.0 hours
+ Hotel Pick Up: 6,000JPY~ / person About 30 min
+ Sake Paring: 3,000JPY~ / person

Please confirm other additional items on the reservation screen.

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Disclaimer : The activity schedule follows the holiday of Toyosu fish market. Our pricing is based on following rules shown on Private Charge, VIP Services and Busy Season pages.
Cancellation and the other rules are available on Terms and Conditions page.