Sushi Mafia Tokyo

Tokyo Tuna Auction VIP Tour

The most VIP tuna auction tour and supreme tuna tasting breakfast

VENUE : Toyosu Fish Market & Sushi Mafia Lab
CHARGE : $649.99 ~ / person
TIME : 4:30 am ~ 8:00 am (About 3.5 hours)

VALUE : Dedicated Guide of Tuna Auction / Special Talk with an Tuna insider / Insider Access to the wholesale area of Toyosu Fish Market at early morning / Supreme Tuna Tasting Breakfast / Hotel Pick up / Tuna Auction from the observation deck guaranteed /
MEET UP : Hotel Pick Up (At the lobby of your hotel)

DETAIL : This tour starts from your hotel lobby. We on a luxury VAN pick you up to head to Toyosu Fish Market for watching the tuna auction. Our sushi mafia guide introduces the details of the auction.

After the auction, we stroll around the wholesale area, where only professionals masters visit to buy fishes and not open to public visitors. There we meet some fishmongers and have some time to talk about anything you will have in mind.

Then we on again a luxury van head to our private sushi mafia lab in the vicinity of Nakameguro. There a private sushi master awaits you, and offers you a welcome dish of seasonal fruits of sea with the art of work. After settling yourself at table, the supreme tuna tasting breakfast starts.

The course is about 3.5 hours of 4:30 am – 8:00 am and finishes at your hotel been dropped off.


Disclaimer : The activity schedule follows the holiday of Toyosu fish market. Our pricing is based on following rules shown on Private Charge, VIP Services and Busy Season pages.
Cancellation and the other rules are available on Terms and Conditions page.